Northward Ho!

I am at a sort of crossroads in my life. Or rather, I am on the road to the crossroads, and I can see it up ahead, but still have a ways to go. I just finished up my undergrad career this December, and am about to begin applying to law school, which I plan to attend this fall. In the meantime… here I am. After working and going to school the past four years, it feels immensely strange to suddenly be doing, well, nothing. I’m still working, but three days at the local knit shop is still so much less than what I was doing before. I feel almost lost in this interim period, where I have few responsibilities, and a massive amount of free time, more than I’ve ever had in my life.

However, instead of becoming mired and listless, I have decided to use this time to my advantage. I plan on committing myself wholeheartedly to my creativity. I plan on knitting with purpose, finally learning to sew, giving my wardrobe a long, hard look so I can get a better handle on what I need it to be, going on as many quiet bike rides as I can, and most importantly, I plan on documenting as much of it as I can to keep myself motivated and interested. And I plan on sharing all of that here.

I have no idea where this will end up, but I do know that it is starting here, and it is starting now.


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