Pattern Release: The Coffee Date Cowl

Ah, spring break! The needed rest towards the end of the spring semester, when it feels like you’ve been working non-stop since January, and you need a recharge before that last major push before finals. I have never been one to go away for spring break. With three kids, and a parent who is a public school teacher, spring break has always been a time to putter around the house and get done things that could never be accomplished when school was in session. Now that I’m older, that’s still how I spend my spring break. While others are on their way to Hawai’i, Malibu or Mexico, I’m pulling out my gardening gloves and dusting off my sewing machine.

However, this spring break, I did something a little different – I began an adventure into the wild world of knitwear pattern designing! I released my first pattern, the Coffee Date Cowl! I’ve been working on this pattern for months, and was so excited to finally get to share it with this fiber community I love so much.

Like so many other things in my life, this pattern was inspired by my environment. Its chillier in Portland than I’m used too, but I kept finding that the large scarves I wound around myself as I left my house early in the morning would become too cumbersome later in the afternoon. I kept finding myself reaching for cozy cowls that weren’t there. The Coffee Date Cowl was a solution to my problem, and I hope that those of you out there also reaching for cowls can use it as a solution to your problem too.

The colorwork pattern is also modeled after the Portland environment. In springtime here, tulips, daffodils, and other bulb flowers are the first to bloom. They push themselves out of the ground offering the first vibrant color to a winter-weary landscape. Robins also start to make an appearance in early spring! Their little redbreasts add another splash of color that February eyes are longing for. The triangle, and diamond motif spoke to me of awakening flowers and returning robins.

This is certainly not the last pattern you’ll see from me. I’ve already got a few more that I’ll be sharing with you soon. But this is my first, and I’m sure it will hold a special place in my heart.

PS – Releasing patterns wasn’t the only thing I did over spring break. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about my Alder Dress! Its the first dress I’ve ever sewn, and I love how it turned out.


2 thoughts on “Pattern Release: The Coffee Date Cowl

  1. Your cowl is so lovely, congrats on its release! I have some sport weight yarn that I’m hoping to dye with avocado and I think it wouldn’t be perfect in this cowl!


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